Selected Compositions

@Audiodraft Alien National Anthem Challenge


A swarm of glittering, azure-coloured, horse-sized dragonflies descended: ridden by warriors with Neanderthal features. The mighty insects were controlled with silver reins. They were the dragoners’ squires.

From small beginnings come great things. The warm and gently driving rhythmic feel of the piano intro swells to an epic climax in this 6/8 time track.

A re-working of Hans Zimmer's "Destiny's Door" for the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop. An expansive opening sets up the epic finale to this 90" piece.

A movie chase scene that doesn't end well for the escapee. Following the escapee's death, a witness returns home and reflects on the events.

Written as an alternative sound design to an animated film set in a future ruled by technology. A database stores all of humankind's memories.

Inspired by the art of Andree Wallin [ ] - this is my audio interpretation of his illustration: 'Headphones'

A fun and frivolous flute ditty.

An excerpt from a feature-length scored and sound designed audio adventure.

Music Composition, Sound Design and Mix for this animated short

Music Composition, Sound Design and Mix for this excerpt from a 90's action drama feature film

Music Composition and Mix for this 20" TV Commercial

Music Composition, Sound Design and Mix

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